Associate Producer, Server

What do you do at the company?

As a Server Associate, it is my goal to unleash my creative juices into creating new and improving existing Java and Bedrock gaming experiences!

Delivеring those products for our players to enjoy is of course no easy task, requiring strong coordination of diverse talent within our team – artistic Designers, innovative Developers and fellow Server Producers!

Providing strong support to our Anti-Cheat Team as they develop a software ensuring the fairness of our games has been yet another truly exciting and educational experience, and I hugely hope to be able to expand this support of mine to our wider Development Team.


What got you into this industry?

My dear cousin, lots of years ago… Still remember looking at her large and childish buildings, all the friendly mobs she had spawned around and feeling scared by monsters even in creative mode!

That’s how I discovered the game and began constantly exploring it myself. I learned about CubeCraft from Youtubers, instantly fell in love with Speed EggWars and became an extremely competitive player with thousands of wins.

My competitive journey eventually came to an end as I felt a greater purpose taking over my time on the network – volunteering. CubeCraft was now no longer a game, but a second family and home, and I felt ready to give my heart to supporting it!


Fun fact about you

I daydream, visualize and study… a lot. It’s no surprise I finally have my own Slack channel where I can spread those lessons with my lovely coworkers!

And beware… It would be no surprise if you ever found me working on any secret projects neither… Or if I daydream myself into not even remembering your name short after you’ve introduced yourself.