director, content

What do you do at the company?

I focus on the leadership of our content and design sector, within Ziax. I coordinate with the various teams involved, so we can get the best products out there! I manage other business operations such as marketing and HR. Every day is different, which makes working here super exciting!


What got you into this industry?

I’ve always loved playing games, just the feeling of escaping into a completely different world. My dream job was to become a game designer! I had dropped out of university where I was doing graphic design and started to create content in the game Minecraft, as a hobby. I started as a volunteer in CubeCraft to improve. I followed my passion of creating content within Minecraft, as I believed the possibilities were endless and it could become something massive. I quickly adapted to different sectors of the business and worked my way up the ladder.


Fun fact about you

I have more plants than friends.