Game Developer

What do you do at the company?

I help make the games fun to play, and create new and exciting experiences for our players!
It’s my job to work with the product team, take their ideas, tell them they’re bad ideas, then improve them, then put them into the games.
We have fun.


What got you into this industry?

Ever since unlocking the “Making of…” video on the original Ratchet & Clank game, and seeing how much fun the team behind it had while making it, I knew I wanted to go into game development.
I’ve always enjoyed looking at how games work, both technically and from a game-feel point of view, and I always aim to use what I’ve learned from each project I’ve worked on, build on it, and improve the next one.


Fun fact about you

I’m an ok artist, I’m scared of deep water, I love all things Space, I can bend all the fingers on my left hand 90 degrees in the wrong direction, and I live off eggs.
Because eggs are important.