Game Platform & Event Engineer

What do you do at the company?

As a part of the Infrastructure team I help to develop new software to support our ever growing game and data platforms. In my time here I have also helped to produce and design various live events such as esports tournaments, political livestreams and more.


What got you into this industry?

Live broadcasting and events have always been a passion of mine starting by doing lighting & sound for local theatre productions. Since then I’ve developed my skills and found myself to be most comfortable pursuing live video. I’ve also been a keen programmer and Minecraft player since my younger years, developing websites, Minecraft servers and Minecraft mods for over 8 years.


Fun fact about you

In my spare time I develop Minecraft mods, the most notable being Theatrical a mod which adds theatre style lighting into the game, with the ability to control it through real-life physical lighting desks.

I’m also a big fan of volunteering time for charity events, helping to develop custom overlays and control systems.