Digital Tree Media is now Ziax

by | May 27, 2021

We are very excited to share that we are launching our new name and brand: Ziax.

Ziax is a game and events studio headquartered in Manchester, GB.

Our team consists of developers, designers, event organisers, videographers & innovators with a passion for delivering world-class physical and virtual experiences.

CubeCraft Games, an official Minecraft partner, was founded in 2012: an instant hit which soon saw millions of global players. It then combined with an at-the-time small events company, Digital Tree Media.

Blending the skill and talent of game makers, event organisers and video technologists allowed us to efficiently create combined experiences for exhibitions, live shows and more. Modifying games to meet event demands, adapting traditional video workflows to build in a new generation of IP-based, attendee-driven content creation.

In our next chapter as Ziax we will continue to expand our game studio and work in collaboration with our event partners across the industry in the delivery of physical experiences at home and abroad.

Ziax is the unification of our events and gaming work. Details about some of our upcoming projects will be shared soon and we can’t wait to see what we’ll get to make together as we continue forwards.

To all of our past clients and customers: Thank you for including us in your creative journeys, it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with the immense talent across the industry and we look forward to working with you all again soon, with our new look and energy.

To all members of our team, past and present: Forever in awe of what we have made together. From virtual plains of Minecraft to the dusty dunes of Egypt; we have been around the world as a team, creating everything from viral games, to new video broadcast solutions, to infrastructure scalable to hundreds of thousands of players.

Looking forward to more making, always.

Check out our main website here.